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Please remember that you may be entitled to some travel vaccines on the NHS, and you may be eligible for some non-travel vaccines if you fall into an eligible-risk group.  We would be happy to advise if you are not sure.

Vaccine Cost
HPV £170.00
Chickenpox £67.50
DTP £33.00
DTPP £90.00
HepA+B £70.00
HepA+Typhoid £75.00
Hep A £50.00
Hep A Paeds £45.00
Hep B £40.00
HepB Paeds £28.50
Influenza £10.00
Japanese Encephalitis £89.00
Malaria Script £37.00
MMR £40.00
Meningitis ACWY £65.00
Meningitis B £110.00
Pneumococcal £70.00
Rabies £60.00
Rotavirus £75.00
Shingles £185.00
Tickborne Encephalitis £65.00
Typhoid £33.00

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